We inaugurate, with this first post, our new interview section where the protagonists are the artists of our community.
In this section you will be able to find ideas, get inspired and see what is going on behind the scenes. We hope you like it!

Today we meet and chat with one of our international artists: Wendy Buiter. She share with us her insights as an artist:

Wendy Buiter is a Dutch artist from the metropolitan city Rotterdam (The Netherlands) who creates bold statement pieces of art inspired by haute couture fashion, fashion photography, jewelry and she loves the shapes of the 1930s art-deco style.

Wendy, when did you start to paint? I’ve always painted but since 3 year I am a full time artist. I’ve developed my own style and techniques by painting and drawing, experimenting and researching for 10 hours a day the last 3 years 😊

Painting and art for you mean…? Painting to me means freedom. The freedom to choose for, to create and to do whatever I want.

You have a signature style, how would you define it? Well, it’s difficult to give my style a name…, because my works look like fashion illustrations but I think my artworks are more than that. They are large, It takes about 3-8 hours to make one. They are not quick sketches. I would call them paintings. I work with a lot of different mediums, including watercolor- and acrylic paint.

My best artworks mostly attract a larger group of people, at this moment ‘Bleached’  and ‘ Prussian Blue’  (both in private collections) are my best/most popular works.

What is your creative process like? I usually start with a sketch for this I use a soft graphite. Then I will use watercolor paint and aquamarkers. I will also use an ink artist pen, black fineliners, soluble crayons “neocolor II” by Caran d’ arche and I use gouch and acrylic paint.

From all your artworks, which is closest to your heart or your favorite one? As I am still growing into my career as an artist and my work is still evolving, I could say that at this moment, to me it’s important to create works that are immediately recognisable as works of mine. My best artworks mostly attract a larger group of people, at this moment ‘Bleached’  and ‘ Prussian Blue’  (both in private collections) are my best/most popular works. They have this special something that pulls you into their eyes… just take a look at them. I don’t think the materials that I use are the most important… I think the flow where I am in at the moment, while working on an artwork, and the vibration that I feel when working on them is the most important thing for my best pieces.

What inspires you to paint? I love to get inspired by the runway looks of the more extravagant fashion designers. I love what Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana are doing right now. I love to bring my interpretation of what fashion is now into an artwork. I don’t want to make something that is a copy of the look, but I want to look at it, leave it, and then later on work on my painting from my memories. This way it will be an artwork that is coming from me, from what I have felt when experiencing becoming inspired by fashion.

What is the coolest art tip you have ever received? Really, I don’t know!

What makes you smile? My 5 year old daughter who is now giving her little dolls big eye lashes because she sees me doing that. And also when she wants my sketches to color them herself and making them her’s and she then also adds big earrings in these drawings. It’s really fun to watch!

And, your favorite quote is…? Walt Disney’s “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

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