A story that started with a good, tasty and strong cup of coffee…

Every Sunday afternoon we used to go to our favourite coffee shop in Barcelona. A modern coffee shop always with good ambience, good service and better coffee. A place that invite you to spend some nice time in a good company or even with yourself, a place that inspires you to create. It was usual to see there people writing, learning or even drawing.

One of those sundays in March 2014 while enjoying our cup of coffee we got inspired about the idea of a new clothing brand that could be a common bond between talented artists and fashion-conscious people.

Art and Fabrics is key when the idea of the new brand was conceived.

Art is a language. The language of emotions. Art is a way to communicate feelings, emotions, impressions and creativity. Art is able to touch you in a way that words cannot.

Fabrics. The most important component of a garment is its fabric. Soft, comfortable, smooth and fashionable. The aim is to create clothes to wear everyday in any kind of situation.

More than 2 years ago now we started to work on this exciting project and we had very clear that we meant a brand with a different way of thinking and producing: fashion quality clothes made with respect for people and nature with amazing artworks carefully curated from worldwide talents.

Ninoti was born.